Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Parliamentary Procedure?

The Members of Parliament in Ottawa yesterday voted (153-150) for the governing Liberal party to step down and call an election. Thus far, the Liberals have indicated that they will ignore this request.

I'm not keen on seeing an election right away, despite my disgust with the Liberals and the ad scandal. The lack of a palatable alternative is of course part of this resistance to any changes right now. I suppose I'm prepared to give the Conservatives a chance, but only if I'm assured they won't push a social policy agenda that will undo the wonderful progress we've made over the past decade. Thus far my fears have not been quelled by anything Stephen Harper has said.

The issue at hand, though, is whether the Liberals should be ignoring a majority vote in the House of Commons. You know that they would be screaming their little heads off if the Conservatives tried a stunt like this. And this vote probably just means they are delaying the inevitable, so why put themselves (and the country) through more rigmarole?


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