Monday, July 25, 2005

The Fires of Jersey

This anti-smoking thing is getting a bit much. A surrogate parent/state legislator in New Jersey has introduced a bill to ban smoking in cars. Beyond the obvious problem I have with the freedom-sucking sound this idea produces, I can't see how this possibly can be justified from a "public health" perspective. Therefore, the rationale must be that smoking while driving is too distracting. Like eating while driving. Or changing the radio station while driving. Maybe those are next on the list. But don't count on it, since they don't have the social stigma that's attached to smoking. Happily, however, it sounds like the bill has little chance of actually passing in the state legislature.

My question: does the cigarette have to be lit to violate this law? Maybe this non-smoker will keep a pack of cigarettes in the car just to have an unlit one in my mouth to keep the cops on their toes.

Via Hit & Run


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