Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Blogging

The Wall Street Journal has a good round-up of links to blogs relating to the incidents in London today. There are pictures from the subways taken by people with camera phones, and examples of people using their personal blogs to let friends and family know they are alright.

Reading those is what pushed me over the edge with this, emotionally. London is a city that is very near and dear to my heart, having lived there for a short period of time while I was in university and having gone back to visit friends there last year. I have personal ties to it as a place, and seeing this happen there makes the realities of the world extremely sad. I can only imagine how those who live there (or in New York or Washington) feel. I hadn't ever been to New York as of 9-11, so it made it much more distant. Now, I live less than an hour away from NYC and have friends there. I hope no terrorist attacks on any scale ever happen there again, but of course that rosy scenario is not likely. When they attack YOUR cities, it hits home even more than it did when it was happening in a seemingly different world. I got a similar feeling when I went to Ground Zero in New York - it made it all-too tangible. I hate that we're in a world where people can be motivated to do something like this. This is no way to have a civilization. Something has to change.

All my best to those of you in London. My thoughts are with you.


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