Thursday, December 15, 2005

Next: The 5-Child Policy

According to this article from Grist magazine, population loss could now be a major demographic problem. Reading this article nicely sums up why I have a strong dislike for much of the mainstream environmental movement: there is a constant drive to find something going horribly wrong with the planet. With respect to population, the hand-wringing has certainly followed this trend. First it was “overpopulation will kill us all!”, and then, once population gets under control (or at least slows down), the cry comes out that a lack of population will kill us all. It’s kind of like the global cooling (1970’s) vs. global warming (1990’s – present) shift that has occurred. Except at least that was borne out of changes in our scientific understanding of global climate systems, while this just seems to be part of the endless search for the apocalypse that characterizes a good portion of the environmental movement.


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