Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Blogs Can Be A Mind-Expanding Experience

The little spat over abortion going on between "Jane Galt" of Asymmetrical Information and Peter Northrup at Crescat Sententia is a great example of why I love blogs. I'll admit that Jane Galt is one of my favorite bloggers, and she has has made some of the most reasoned and reasonable positions on abortion I have read. But to see her get taken down a notch (wrongly, I would argue, and with incredible sarcasm) by NYU grad student Northrup and then read her excellent response was both extremely entertaining and very intellectually stimulating. I probably got more out of this discourse than I would get from reading a year's worth of newspapers covering the abortion debate. If you go to the Asymmetrical Information main page here, you'll be able to follow it all if you click the links on the three most recent posts as of Wednesday afternoon (the comments are definitely worth reading, too). The permalinks to the relevant AI posts are here, here, and here, while the dissents from Northrup can be found here and here. Enjoy.


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