Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Not Wanting What You Wish For

While reading Jonathan Rauch’s new piece over at Reason, I was reminded of something that has long held some weight in my mind. It seems to me that some political independents (I’m probably one of them) would, in some senses, actually subconsciously prefer the status quo rather than get all the policy changes we push for. Many (most?) non-partisan voters (such as libertarians) tend to be contrarian by nature (who, me?), and those type of people really enjoy being able to complain (read: bitch) about the current state of affairs and how everything would be so much better if we ran the zoo. But my god, what would we rail against if we actually got power? What are we going to complain about then? Not that it’s ever going to happen, but I think many with non-mainstream views get as much personal satisfaction being outsiders and moaning about the stupidity of the political ruling class than we’d ever get from achieving the things we believe in. I'd almost feel bad pointing this out if I wasn't, you know, kinda one of them. This doesn’t for a second make me think that we shouldn’t still try and get these reforms (i.e. decriminalizing drug use, eliminating agricultural subsidies, etc.), but we should recognize that there is some definite psychological satisfaction in feeling that we're fighting the good fight against an immoveable force.


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