Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Toyota, I Love What You Do For the Automobile Industry

In the Baltimore Sun, Steve Chapman makes the case that global competition (see, it works!) has driven the incidence of problems with new cars down by 80% since 1980. In fact, today's least reliable automaker compares favorably with the best from back then. And these better cars are getting cheaper, relative to inflation. To sum up:

Capitalism and globalization create fierce, relentless pressure for companies to give consumers what they want, which in this market has been more-reliable vehicles for less money. Modern automakers have to operate by two simple rules: Be good, and get better.

Read it, and bask in the glow that comes from living in the golden age of automobiles.

On a related front, Toyota is poised to become the world's largest auto manufacturer sometime soon. More shameless plugging here.


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