Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Not-So-Sweet Home Chicago

Residents (and future residents) of Chicago might be suffering from a reduction in menu items if City Council gets its way. Councilor Edward Burke has introduced a proposal to ban trans fats from the Windy City. For those who doubt the slippery-slope argument against government legislation of private behavior (i.e. smoking), this is a perfect example of how the micromanagement of our lives has no reasonable stopping point in the eyes of power-mad government officials.

In what would make great satire if it wasn’t real life, Burke manages to invoke the classic “it’s for the children” argument and has audacity to imply without irony that these types of prohibitions are what make a city civilized. In Chicago…where previous experiments with prohibition didn’t exactly create a civilized utopia.

[HT: The Agitator]


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