Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Who Will Kill The Conspiracy-Theory Documentary?

I haven't seen the upcoming documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?", but I'm pretty suspicious of it. Do people really believe that it was a conspiracy involving ALL the oil companies, and ALL the car companies (which is what you'd need for a conspiracy to work if the electric cars were actually decent) and that NOBODY leaked anything about it? In an era where we know every time Lindsay Lohan buys a new bikini?

If the electric car was profitable, someone would have supplied it (or they will, once there's a market for it). The car's range, which was "up to" 130 miles (although this dropped significantly if you ran the headlights or had the heater/AC on) is completely impractical for most people. Sure, that's fine for lots of trips around town, but what about going away on weekends or summer vacations? Unless you mind stopping every 130 miles for an 8-hour charge, you need to own two cars - which is even more energy and materials intensive than owning one average gasoline vehicle.

And even more interestingly, why are people so enthusiastic about electric cars, anyway? Don't they know where the electricity comes from?


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