Saturday, June 25, 2005

Oh, THOSE Supreme Court decisions

OK, now I have a few minutes to be able to RANT on what surely are two of the most upsetting Supreme Court decisions in recent memory: first in Raich, they side with the drug-warriors over terminally-ill patients. Then comes Kelo, where they side with land developers over homeowners. I hereby state that I have lost complete respect for the justices who sided with the majorities in these cases, and I really only have time to listen to the dissenters from this point forward. Sad as it may be to my left-leaning social policy heart, the so-called "conservative" judges (O'Connor, Thomas, Rehnquist, Scalia) were the only ones willing to stand up for the rights of the individual over the government's ability to control us. I can't really express with any sense of composure and tact how upset I am over these cases. So utterly disappointing, and from a Court that I usually find comes much closer to my position on issues than most government bodies do. It almost makes me lose hope.

But after I eat something, I'll be ready to keep fighting.


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