Friday, September 30, 2005

Prosecution by Popular Vote

From today's Globe and Mail:

British government prosecutors are advising police in their investigation of supermodel Kate Moss' alleged cocaine use, the Crown Prosecution Service said Friday. Scotland Yard sent case papers to prosecutors, asking for advice on whether there was enough evidence or sufficient public interest to charge Moss, said Russell Hayes, a spokesman with the Crown Prosecution Service. (emp. added)

"Or sufficient public interest?" if the public wants Kate Moss's blood, then they shall have it? Not even "and sufficient public interest". They're making it sound like public interest alone is all that's needed to move forward with criminal charges. Of course, this is probably the best use of the justice system and police that anyone can come up with. It's not like England has had any other major troubles with crime lately. Oh, wait...


At 1:07 PM, Blogger BloggingMolly27 said...

Most supermodels and actors do coke, so why special treatment for Kate Moss? Some say she's a role model for young girls, but aren't all supermodels - What do you think?

And whatever happened to evidence?

At 2:03 PM, Blogger Scott McC said...

My own impression is that there probably isn't a lot of "evidence" - I'm sure the tabloid photos can't establish anything in a court of law. They just want to see if they can a) make an example of her and b) score some political points by cracking down on drugs. I think the quote by the Crown Prosecutor reveals this pretty effectively.


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