Sunday, July 23, 2006

Serves You Right

You know what really pisses me off? Liberals (or anyone, really, but it falls more on this side of the dial) who have done nothing but encourage the expansion of the government, and then bitch about it when someone they don't agree with uses that power in ways they don't like. The tangentially-related comment that set me off about this tonight was this little snark on DailyKos regarding Canada's environment minister:

...But you're right, you can be sure she doesn't make a move without checking in with Big Steve first. He's the authority figure for ALL of Canada, ya know. ;-)

Well, yes, I totally agree, it is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING how much authority rests in the PMO. And it happened because so many people happily handed authority over to the government when their guys were in power.

Sometimes I think people NOT in power should be the ones who actually make laws, so lawmakers (and their supporters) might be able to appreciate how those rules are going to be twisted and interpreted by the other side when they inevitably take the reins someday. So few people seem to think about this. One should always imagine how one's political enemy would use a certain authority before voting to give that power to the government. (Determining the public school science curriculum through the political process is a perfect example of this. I doubt your average Darwinist would feel the way they do about public schools if they were in the minority and creationism was the standard story being taught because of the particular beliefs of the majority of the public and elected officials).

If the people offer absolute power to a well-meaning government, they shouldn't be surprised when a less scrupulous government uses that power to enslave them.


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