Wednesday, November 23, 2005

It's OK 'Cause I'm One of 'Em

Something you see quite often (if you travel in certain circles) is libertarians getting all up in arms over an outrageous law being proposed by some idiot member of congress/state legislature/city council. While I think we’re right in exposing the foolish self-righteousness of these politicians who think they’re doing good, it often happens that the silly proposal never actually passes through the system. So while it’s a bad thing that this type of legislation is getting proposed at all, the fact that very few of them actually reach the book is evidence of the system working, is it not? So how loudly should we really complain? Power seems to be kept in check, in many (most?) instances. Maybe the system does work. (But still, it would be nice if our elected officials could be making better use of their time than voting down outlandish proposals from their colleagues).


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