Thursday, April 06, 2006

Burn, Yonek, Burn

…But when an angry mob torches a police car, we’ve probably passed the line from a protest to a riot. So why is the story of the Hasidic Jewish community in Brooklyn getting up in arms over the supposed rough treatment of a elderly Jewish man by the cops arresting him being reported as a “protest”? I'm all for drawing attention to the often heavy-handed cops (and they pulled him over for talking on a cell phone, for god's sake), but is that what it would be reported as if the “protesters” were predominately black?

Conclusion: I think this analysis is spot-on.

(FYI: I'm thinking that "yonek" is the Hebrew word for baby...although I could definitely be wrong on that)


At 12:34 PM, Blogger Zombie said...

Good question....

At 9:44 AM, Blogger Speedy said...

A very interesting point to ponder. I've never really been one to "notice" prejudice or racism in the area I live in (S'toon) I think b/c it's something that don't very think about - I just see us all as people.
But yesterday while out for supper, the person I was with pointed out a group of people behind us, stating he was ready to go over there and just smack the older man in the group. I said I didn't understand. See at this table there was one white and one black waiter. My back was to the group but my friend said that the man made it very obvious that he didn’t want to be served by the black waiter. At first I just didn’t understand how this could be – the group was of a racial mix between white and asian people. As we left the restaurant I mentioned this and my friend pointed out (and I’m surprised how naïve I can be about these things) that it doesn’t matter. Some people have a specific racial prejudice against just one race. I had never really considered this, or even the fact that at times racism still exists in our day and age. Yet it does. And it bothers me. I thought about that waiter – he was very pleasant, smiled and just did his job. And I wondered, how often does he actually have to face such things in his daily life? It’s just not right.


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