Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ford Flap

There's a minor bruhaha going on in Tennessee (and it's spreading) over a new political ad that uses satire to criticize Democratic senatorial candidate Harold Ford. Because Ford is black, and a white woman appears in the ad referring to a Playboy party that Ford attended, the ad is being deemed racist in some circles. Sorry, but like Jacob Sullum, I just can't see it. The ad is kind of tacky and stupid, but it's altogether not half-bad and mildly funny. The line that made me laugh the most: "Canada can take care of North Korea, they're not busy."

As to the charge of racism, I had this to say over at H&R:

The reaction to this ad is what you'd expect, given that there is a significant number of people who seek out examples of racism and (surprise!) find it everywhere. I'd also point out that if it was a black woman who appeared at the end of the ad, you ALSO be hearing cries of racism, for making disparaging assumptions about the morals of black women. So there's no way to win, really.

UPDATE: The playing of the race card never they're saying this radio ad is racist because it has uplifting strings during the sections talking about Republican Bob Corker and ominous-sounding drums during the sections talking about Ford. I think it takes a fucking racist to infer some kind of "jungle drums" negativitity in this. I mean, I guess I want the Dems to take control of the Senate next month, but god they can be annoying sometimes.


At 5:40 AM, Blogger Garry said...

Sounds like standard American electoral process. At least in Canada we don't play the race card - instead, our parliamentarians rely on sexist comments during question period.



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