Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Who Is Me?

In a discussion I was having with a friend recently, it came up that I might want to consider making my blog anonymous. I certainly don’t publicize my blog amongst the faculty or (especially) the students here. This is most likely comes from an overall feeling that yes, I may have reason to be somewhat concerned about some of the ideas I put on this blog not being particularly good for my professional career. While I’m far from being vitriolic or particularly controversial, I know that some of my viewpoints would not be looked upon especially fondly by the administration (my rants about drugs and drug laws come particularly to mind). It seems almost like a no-brainer. So why do I hesitate? Well, I (idealistically, perhaps) like to think that I can put my ideas out there without fear of reprisal. My anti-authority streak plays a role, for sure. My blog makes no obvious connotations to my employer, but there would certainly be a parent who would have a problem with my views, considering I’m essentially acting as a surrogate parent to their child. And I also just like having my own name attached to my ideas. I’m narcissistic that way (among others). Besides, if my blog ever gets more than a dozen readers I’d probably get exposed anyway (it seems like all the other anonymous bloggers end up being found out eventually). You opinion? Comments? I’d love to hear them.


At 1:47 PM, Blogger Garry said...

I think it's fine. If the sh** hits the fan one day, deal with it then. Besides, it's not like you're publicly humiliating your students or your school; your views should be encouraged, I say, outside of the school setting. If the school insisted that you avoid opining while in class, that's respectable. But you're not doing that, so there's no worries. If the parents feel that you're not a suitable "surrogate parent" then they can choose to enroll their kids in another school. Also, I don't think you'd like "hiding" - one of the best features of this blog is the honesty and frankness. I say let those around you deal with the Man Who Is Scott!

At 12:20 AM, Blogger Scott McC said...

Thanks, Garry. So far, the votes are... (let me check)....:

1 to 0 in favour of keeping my name as is. Keep the deluge of comments coming!

At 12:34 PM, Blogger Molly said...

Retally, please, with two in favor of keeping your name on this. While your employer does have the right to limit the actions of most members of its community (given that they are a private institution and we sign our lives away when we join them), most such schools also like to maintain that they will defend the rights of the members of that community. You are simply stating opinion, just as one might in a speech or newspaper editorial, and I think that the school would have to protect that right, even if they might eventually ask you to shut up. Moreover, while the internet is an intensely public venue for such discussions, it is also true that you are not encouraging any member of your school’s community to read your blog. As far as I know, there are very few here who even know if its existence. While your actions are not without risks, and there might hypothetically come a day when you would have to talk to the school about some of your ideas, I do think your position is totally defendable. Keep on keepin’ on. And, worst comes to worst, the blaze of glory would be fantastique.


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